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About Us.

Tailor IP’s mission is to make the IP world fair and transparent.

We empower inventors and companies to better navigate the IP world.


Our Solution.

The IP world is stuck in the 20th century. Many companies are forced to retain patent firm’s services blindly with no information on their optimal strategy, a lack of transparency regarding future costs, and with no visual tools to help oversee their portfolio.

Tailor IP is democratizing information in the IP field. We’re flipping the script and giving you the essential information you need first and foremost so that you can avoid costly mistakes and take control of your protection plan.

Our Team.

We are consumer-oriented, data-driven entrepreneurs who have endured the patent world as it stands and are dedicated to revolutionizing the experience for others.

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Refael Cohen

Co-founder and CEO

Refael is a skilled software engineer with experience in the AI field and  with an enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit. He combines these two attributes to drive us forward in our mission: Transform the IP world into a  fair and transparent industry.

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Yalon Fishbein

Co-founder and CPO

Yalon is a born innovator and inventor with experience managing over $2M in development and IP budgets. He’s harnessing his ingenuity to ensure that others don’t suffer from the same issues that plagued his IP journey. 

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Yonatan Zimmerman

Co-founder and CMO

Yonatan has long been obsessed with customers and their consumer experiences. He’s applying the experience he gained running his previous company to revolutionize the user experience in the world of IP.

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