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Managing your IP costs should be easy

Predict and manage your costs and timelines
Monitor and analyze your budget in real-time
Optimize your strategy and service providers

Free up your tech & IP teams
To focus on your business 


Set up your IP dashboard

Our system imports your patents and automatically generates Gantts and budget summaries for each patent


Analyze your IP invoices

Our system scans your IP invoices and analyzes each section to match it to the relevant task in your  Gantt so you can control your payments


The system will alert you if it detects any payment demands which exceed average market costs


Budget at a

View the costs of each patent individually and of all patents together. Creates budgets and forecasts effortlessly


Forecast your next patent's costs

Get the ultimate roadmaps based on

your specific needs
Compare timelines, and costs

Generate a detailed Gantt for every strategy and share it effortlessly with your colleagues


Make data-based decisions


Optimise your strategy and service providers

Different fields and stages  require different expertise. Identify service providers who will improve the quality of your patents and reduce your costs

Trusted By Professionals

Tailor's Virtual IP Assistant is a game changer.
Now we can easily control our patents costs and timelines



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